Why us?


For us, quality assurance is not just about detecting defects after they happen, it is about preventing the problems, to get things right at the first time.

We guarantee the high level of quality that aid us to build and maintain our reputation and buyer’s loyalty

We follow quality control system based on buyer’s individual standards or based on AQL systems.


Our people is always our most precious asset. We are proud of having a team of skilled and experienced staff who support and give solutions for all related matter that help our customer minimize the cost and get the best products. Our people are:

  • • Knowledgeable of customer and their needs, of the garment products and garment industry.
  • • Responsible and accountable to all of the job and tasks they are performing.
  • • Flexible to meet customers’ demand, and offer tailor-made solutions





LNK garment co., ltd is committed to provide best FOB and OEM service for all kinds garment products. We aim at converting buyers’ designs into garments of high quality, meeting the demand of good fashion: Our services include:

  • • Offering pattern on CAD + size grading + marker making services
  • • Sourcing fabrics and accessories
  • • Developing samples from first design to PP sample

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